2008-12-12 23:35:52 by ducktape202

it's been on my mind lately... its kinda bothering me u have suggestions?

p.s. don't have girl friend yet and please comment!



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2008-12-13 01:53:38

Find a girl that you can share things with a girl who is kinda like you and spend a bit of time together and who knows you might get lucky im being very sincere with this take it from a guy who writes odd love stories you need to find love at least once in your life and your time is now... you must go and do something nice to some girl you may know i can think of about 5 girls i know you might be able to date near where i live so think aboot that and wonder who is your dream girl...

ducktape202 responds:

wow thanks


2008-12-13 02:51:28

check out my odd love stories or i willl come to your house and kill you in your sleep...


2008-12-13 13:38:18

don't seek for it, it will find you soon enough, i guess